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China Vacuum Dryer

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  • The Advantages and Limitations of Vacuum Drying The majority of industrial industries, including those that deal with chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food, polymers, and metal powders, can benefit from the use of vacuum drying equipment. Vacuum drying has a lot of benefits, but as with most things in li


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  • The general direction of grain drying processing is vacuum drying technology!Vacuum drying technology Vacuum drying is to be done with dried food materials placed in a closed drying room. In the vacuum system, at the same time, the dry material is heated to make the moisture inside the material dif


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  • Four major causes of microwave vacuum drying? Microwave vacuum is used more and more widely. Here are several important elements on the dull effect of microwave vacuum: 1, product varieties and details: product varieties and conditions vary greatly, microwave vacuum dry process is not fixed. In fact


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  • 1. Good drying effect, 100% finished product rate, rapid dehydration, maintaining the original color and essence of the item.2. The combustion chamber of the equipment is separated from the vertical multi-layer drying box and conducted in isolation. The pure hot air entering the drying box is pollut


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