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Microwave equipment safety precautions

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1. According to international regulations, measured at 5cm of the cavity, the microwave leakage shall not exceed 5mw/cm²。

The equipment is equipped with a hand-held microwave leak detector, and the main inspection parts include: the connection of the equipment cavity, the observation port, or the inlet and outlet suppressor section; Or optional real-time leak detection device; Generally, excessive leakage occurs only when deformation occurs due to improper operation during installation and transportation.

2. It is prohibited to operate microwave without load.

The tunnel type equipment is equipped with feed monitoring, and only when there is material on the conveyor belt can the microwave energy be sequentially turned on. When there is no material detected, the microwave energy will be sequentially turned off, while conveyor belt does not stop.


3. It is prohibited for metal particles to enter the drying chamber, which may cause a spark.

When free metal enters the microwave cavity and resonates with the microwave, it will cause a spark phenomenon; If any metal accidentally enters the cavity, the ignition point can be seen through the monitor screen, and the machine should be shut down and taken out timely.

4. During equipment operation, it is prohibited to lean your hands or clothing against the conveyor belt or the edge to prevent injury; Non professionals are prohibited from touching electrical parts with electricity.

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