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Seafood drying machine

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Seafood dryer is used for deep processing of yellow croaker, shrimp, shellfish, abalone, etc. According to the process, microwave electromagnetic wave and vacuum technology can be baked out with good taste, unchanged color and chewiness Microwave seafood dryer is a food baking equipment, which can replace the traditional natural drying and firewood drying. Then what are its characteristics: it uses electromagnetic wave heating, does not need heat transfer media, and directly heats from the outside to the inside of the object, with fast heating speed and high efficiency. The main reason is that the growth cycle is shortened and the production efficiency is improved. The heating is also uniform, which will not produce inconsistent phenomena inside and outside, can achieve the effect of expansion, and is easy to crush materials. Make the use of materials more diversified. The dryer also has the functions of sterilization, cyaniding, curing and expansion. The equipment is made of stainless steel, which makes the product durable for a long time, not easy to corrode, and can continuously produce and process materials. The equipment has stable performance and saves costs. Only 1-2 manual workers are required to complete the operation, which realizes full automation.

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