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Drug vacuum freeze drying machine

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The medicine vacuum freeze-drying machine is a vacuum freeze-drying processing equipment for various Chinese medicinal materials by using FD freeze-drying technology. It is a processing equipment for freeze-drying various Chinese medicinal materials extraction liquid, Chinese medicinal soup liquid, Chinese medicinal preparations, and Chinese medicinal materials. Bear bile contains cholic acid and deoxycholic acid, which have the effects of clearing away heat, detoxifying, calming the liver and brightening the eyes. The pharmaceutical vacuum freeze-drying machine has the technical characteristics and advantages of vacuum freeze-drying to keep the original nutrients and properties of materials, and has been applied by many processing enterprises. The pharmaceutical freeze-drying machine is a machine used to dry different types of materials to prolong their storage time. There are many types of dryers, and lyophilizers are machines that produce high-quality dry products. It is completely different from dehydrators, drying ovens, microwave heating and vacuum heating dryers. Drying requires heat. In this drying method, heating is carried out at room temperature, so it is harmful to materials, and a large amount of nutrition and biological activity will be lost in the drying process. On the contrary, through freeze-drying, the materials are completely frozen to - 40 ℃ and then heated. The materials are frozen in the whole drying process until they are completely dried. Therefore, the lyophilized product retains its original shape and color, without loss of biological activity and nutrition. Freeze drying machine is suitable for food industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry and laboratory test.

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