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  • Characteristics of microwave vacuum drying equipment
    Characteristics of microwave vacuum drying equipment:1. Low temperature and high efficiency: as we all know, the boiling point of water decreases with the decrease of air pressure. For example, at one atmospheric pressure (101.3kPa), the boiling point of water is 100 ℃, while at 0.073 atmospheric pr Read More
  • Drying equipment to improve the popularity and grade of Siraitia grosvenorii--Microwave vacuum low temperature drying of Lanta
    Drying equipment to improve the popularity and grade of Siraitia grosvenorii, Lantai microwave vacuum low temperature dryingIn recent years, microwave drying technology has made great progress in all walks of life. More people have accepted microwave drying to replace the traditional drying and ster Read More
  • New type of microwave vacuum low temperature drying has been successfully applied to the drying of Chinese herbal pieces
    Microwave drying technology is a drying method widely used in recent years. Its drying range covers almost all aspects of the national economy, such as wood, food, tea making, Chinese medicine, chemical industry, etc. today, Xiaobian will focus on the application of microwave vacuum low-temperature Read More
  • Difference between microwave drying equipment and traditional drying equipment
    What are the advantages of microwave wood dryer compared with traditional wood drying?Fast microwave drying speed: traditional drying needs to fill a kiln and then dry, and the drying cycle is long; Microwave drying can be used and dried immediately, and the drying amount can be flexibly controlled. Read More
  • Structure and characteristics of vacuum box drying
    Vacuum box drying equipment is a drying equipment that operates intermittently under vacuum conditions. It is mainly composed of vacuum drying oven, heating system, cooling system, air extraction system, measurement system and control system. The vacuum drying oven is divided into cylindrical and sq Read More
  • Combination of industrial microwave energy technology and vacuum technology
    In conventional vacuum drying, because it is difficult to conduct air convection heat transfer under vacuum conditions, only relying on heat conduction to provide heat energy to materials, the heat transfer speed is slow, the efficiency is low, and the temperature control is difficult.Microwave heat Read More