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Performance characteristics of microwave equipment

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1. Control module:

Box video real-time monitoring, real-time viewing of the operating status inside the box.

In order to prevent the material temperature from being too high or too low, a temperature alarm system is installed inside.

PLC plus touch screen fully automatic control, indicator light, instrument one button start.

Independent split type power distribution cabinet prevents heat source from spreading and damaging electrical components, ensuring the service life of each electrical component.

Each electrical component is equipped with overload protection and alarm fault indication, as well as integrated control panel display of material temperature, microwave current indication, alarm indication, etc.

Each control link is interlocked for protection. When the external public system fails or fails to meet the requirements, the equipment cannot be started or automatically stopped.

Emergency stops are provided at the inlet and outlet of the equipment. After the emergency stop switch is reset, the equipment can only enter the operating state after performing reset and startup operations.

The microwave startup method is group startup, and each group is equipped with overload protection. For abnormal microwave source equipment, the indication is automatically detected, and the power supply is automatically disconnected to stop the abnormal microwave source equipment from working.

Two types of temperature measuring devices are installed inside the box, including microwave dedicated material infrared temperature sensors and thermocouple space temperature sensors, to monitor the temperature of each process section of the material in real time and accurately feedback and control the microwave power.


2. Microwave generation module:

The number of water cooled magnetrons is ≥ 176.

The magnetron should be distributed up and down, with complementary phases.

Microwave frequency 2450MHz ± 50Hz; The output power of a single set of microwave sources is continuously adjustable, with a range

300-1000W; All microwave sources are adjustable on/off.

An overload sensor is provided for a single microwave source, which can automatically protect abnormal microwave sources.

The magnetron has an over-temperature protection function to prevent the magnetron from operating at high temperatures without forced cooling.

Independent control and protection circuits are used to ensure that the use of each component does not interfere with each other.

It is designed with a microwave uniform feed device to effectively eliminate the phenomena of dimples, wave concentration and wave reflection.

Microwave special intelligent magnetron drive power supply.

3. The drying box is made of 304 stainless steel, with an inner chamber wall thickness of ≥ 1.5 mm. The surface is specially treated to remove burrs to prevent microwave ignition; Adjacent boxes are separated to form a relatively independent working space.

4. Microwave suppression module:

Containing a suppression guide or choke device, the suppression principle should include but not be limited to the combination of microwave anti leakage technologies such as microwave reflection and absorption.

Based on the national standard (GB 5959.6-2008 Safety of Electric Heating Installations - Part 6: Safety Code for Industrial Microwave Heating Equipment) test method, the microwave leakage is less than 5mW/cm ².

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