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What are the characteristics of tunnel type microwave drying equipment?

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Applicable to:

Green-fixation/drying of agricultural and sideline products; Sterilization treatment of powder seasoning; Food expansion processing.

Chemical powder, polymer, coating heating, drying treatment.

Fast drying, moisture balance and shaping of solid wood furniture; Rapid drying of water-based paints.

Drying and sterilizing of rare medicinal materials, traditional Chinese medicine granules, pills and slices, etc.

Heat fixation of laboratory equipment, paper tubes, textiles and fiber products; Artificial marble drying, ceramic drying and shaping, etc.

Uniform heating: Conventional heating, such as flame, hot air, electric heating, steam, etc., uses the principle of heat conduction to transfer heat from the outside of the heated object to the inside, which is called external heating. It takes a certain amount of time to reach the desired temperature at the center, and objects with poor heat conduction take longer. It is easy to produce the phenomenon of "shell" in the outer layer and "raw" in the inner layer. Microwave heating is to make the heated object itself become a heating object, and simultaneously heat both inside and outside. It is called integral heating and does not require a process of heat conduction, so it can be uniformly heated in a short time.

High efficiency and energy saving: Microwave has different effects on different substances, and substances with polar molecules are easy to absorb microwave energy and generate heat. During microwave heating, it can only be absorbed by the heated object, and neither the air in the heating room nor the corresponding container will generate heat, so the thermal efficiency is extremely high.

Simple and easy to control: the equipment PLC combines touch screen control, and multiple sets of parameters can be called with one button when changing the product; One button start/stop;

Safe and harmless: Generally, microwave energy works in closed heating rooms and waveguides made of metal, so energy leakage is minimal. The microwave equipment manufactured by our company adopts advanced design and sophisticated processing; It can ensure that there is minimal microwave leakage at the entrance and exit, observation windows, furnace doors, etc., which is greatly superior to the national safety standards. Moreover, microwave has no radiation hazards and harmful gas emissions, and is a very safe new technology.

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