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Application of microwave vacuum dryer in the chemical industry

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Application of microwave vacuum dryer in the chemical industry

Microwave application in the chemical industry of microwave chemical drying equipment main application objects are: glass fiber, chemical raw materials, starch cobalt oxalate, cellulose, cellulose, such as hydroxyethyl cellulose, etc.), nickel hydroxide, cobalt, lithium, carbon brush, ink, silicon carbide, calcium chloride, activated carbon, zirconium chloride, zirconium hydroxide, zirconium hydroxide, zirconium carbonate, zirconium sulfate, potassium carbonate, zirconium, ammonium carbonate, oil ink drying agent, water-based ink cross-linking resistance agent, expandable graphite, all kinds of ceramic zirconia, nano iron oxide, positive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermal materials ceramic components and honeycomb PTC components, etc.

The advantages of microwave:

The advantages of microwave heating and the traditional heating method compared with the great difference is that the traditional heating method relies on the heat source through radiation, conduction, convection, and other ways to first heat the surface of the object and then through heat conduction, so that the internal temperature from the surface to the inside gradually increases. Heat transfer in most objects is very slow, such as rubber materials, so it takes a long time to reach the overall heating of the object. At the same time, it is easy to cause the homogeneity of the object to heat, affecting the quality of the heating object and even changing the color, nutritional composition, and physical and chemical properties of the heating object. Microwave heating has a unique heating method: the overall heating of the material, so microwave heating has the following advantages:

1.Selective heating, energy saving, and high efficiency.

Microwave for different medium characteristics of material have different effects; this is very good for drying processing characteristics because the water molecules on microwave absorption effect are best, so the part of the highest water content to absorb microwave power, only the microwave energy can absorb the object directly heating, the furnace body, furnace air almost no heating, and microwave heating, the heating material are generally made in the metal heating container, the heating chamber is a closed cavity, microwave leakage can only be absorbed by heating objects, heating indoor air, and the corresponding container will not heat, so the thermal efficiency Very high, so both efficient, energy-saving, and improving the working environment Microwave chemical industry drying equipment

2.Penetrable heating, fast heating speed, uniform heating

3.No thermal inertia, that is, with timeliness. Therefore, it can ensure the high quality of processing materials.

4.Environmental protection, cleanliness.

The equipment heating box is made of metal stainless steel, which can be cleaned by water. The discharge box is equipped with a fully sealed hopper and dust recovery device, and there is no "three wastes" generation. Microwave and chemical-drying equipment

5.Easy to operate, appropriate for control.

Microwave heating can instantly achieve the purpose of rise and fall, opening and stop, thermal inertia is very small, the application of PLC and touch control screen, especially suitable for the heating process and heating process specification and automatic control.

6.Safe and harmless.

Microwave energy is made in metal closed heating container and wave catheter, the energy leakage is very small; our microwave equipment adopts advanced design, excellent processing, so that the incoming and outgoing material, observation window, furnace door and other microwave leakage is much better than the national standard. Because the microwave has no radiation hazards or harmful gas emissions, this is very safe heating and drying equipment. Main performance: the chemical powder microwave drying equipment manufactured by our company has reached the level of professional production technology.

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