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Fruit freeze dryer

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The fruit freeze-drying machine is a kind of freeze-drying machine used in food and industrial production. It requires that the temperature is stable, the freeze-drying effect is excellent, and the pre freeze-drying is carried out in situ, reducing the cumbersome operation in the drying process and automating the freeze-drying operation. It mainly includes the quick freezing warehouse for freezing materials, the drying warehouse for sublimation and dehydration, and auxiliary systems such as refrigeration, vacuum and heating. Parallel centralized refrigeration system is adopted, with multi-channel cooling on demand, stable working condition and energy saving; Artificial intelligence control is adopted, with high control accuracy and convenient operation. The fruit vacuum freeze dryer has excellent performance, which can directly sublime and dry the moisture in food from solid state under the conditions of slurry and vacuum, without evaporation of liquid state. It can preserve the original color, fragrance, taste and shape of food to a greater extent. The original nutrients and active substances are rarely damaged, and the rehydration is rapid. No preservatives are needed. The dried products can be directly popular in the market.

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