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How to dry rice quickly when it rains continuously?

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How to dry rice quickly when it rains continuously?

When rice matures in the rainy season, rice farmers do not want to see the original dry rice is wet by the rain, if you do not want to find a way to quickly dry into storage, the rice will deteriorate or even germinate, in serious cases a year's harvest will be lost to recover losses, the way is to use mobile rice dryer fast drying into storage.

Why not use a tower type rice dryer? Because tower dryers are generally built outdoors and cannot be started for drying in rainy days, while mobile rice dryers are different in that they are not restricted by the site and can be moved inside the plant for drying and are continuous, drying moisture more thoroughly. Users will be wet rice harvested and pulled to the plant with a car, unified into the silo, the subsequent equipment can be turned on automatic drying, no manual operation, after drying people can be directly in the lower material mouth with woven bags to receive materials, the drying rice re-bagging transported to the warehouse. Drying rice can not be rushed, the use of large fire to increase the amount of feed will increase the burst waist of rice, and there will be part of the drying does not dry, wasting the rice and fuel costs.

In summary, in the purchase of rice dryer, must take into account all aspects of the situation, can not just consider saving, cheap, should also take into account how the drying operation in bad weather, how to dry when the rice moisture is large, etc., can not buy back the equipment can not be used or drying effect is not good, not only the loss of the purchase cost, but also delayed the timing of rice drying.

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