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Tea drying machine

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The tea dryer is a new type of green killing equipment with high speed, efficiency and effect. At the same time, about 10% of the fresh leaf water can be removed. The principle of the green killing machine is to use rapid temperature rise to passivate the active oxidase of fresh buckled leaves, inhibit the accelerated oxidation of enzymes such as tea polyphenols in fresh buckled leaves, prevent serious color change in the subsequent drying process, and volatilize the fishy grass flavor of fresh leaves, so as to better form tea fragrance. Advanced PLC automatic control technology is adopted to realize automatic control of key parameters such as operation time, transmission speed and temperature of each step in the production process, improve the processing quality and efficiency of materials to be sterilized: improve the production environment, improve the level of sanitary image, etc. The microwave sterilization and extraction equipment has the characteristics of more effective extraction of the effective components in the materials to be sterilized, short extraction time and high extraction rate. Microwave sterilization is mainly used to prevent mildew and insects during the storage of tea.

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