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Microwave are electromagnetic waves whose frequency are between 300MHZ~300GHZ.The water molecules in the heated media materials are polar molecules.Under the effects of the high speed change of high frequency electromagnetic waves,its Polarity orientation will change with the changing of the outer electric field ,cause the molecules motion and mutual friction , so as to

achieve the purpose of heating, drying, sterilization, puffing, curing, extraction, concentration, etc.

Food industry:

The grain insecticide,the heating ,sterilization ,puffing, unfreezing, and rapid drying of such foods :

seasoning,meat products,dairy products,instant foods,puffed food,tea,agricultural byproducts(such as :rose,bamboo shoot, ficus carica,dried fruit etc),vegetable products,roasted seeds and nuts,aquatic product and other special foods

Chemical industry:

Inorganic chemical raw materials,powder,High polymer material,chemical fertilize,pesticide,Inorganic coating;green petroleum coke,the heating and drying of the rubber products,sulfidizing,high sintering,

Wood apparatus:

Wood furniture, wood accessories, wood sports equipment,wood musical instrument,the rapid drying, water balance and solidification of the solid wood floor.

Hanfang pharmaceutical:

The heating ,drying and sterilization of rare medicinal materials,chinese herbal granule,pill,slices,traditional chinese medicinal materials, medicinal powder,extracts of traditional Chinese medicine

Other industry:

Laboratory equipment,the heating and solidification color of the paper tube, textile,fiber ;the drying of the artificial marble,the desiccation and solidification of the ceramic,microwave sintering,refuse disposal etc.