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Ten basic characteristics of microwave heating technology

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1. Fast heating, significant energy saving

Microwave penetrates and directly couples the heated material to achieve overall synchronous and rapid heating, significantly reducing material processing time and significantly saving energy.

2. Uniform heating, uniform tissue

Microwave can achieve uniform heating of materials without gradient, thereby reducing the deformation and cracking tendency of materials due to thermal stress, and homogenizing the material structure.

3. Densification

Rapid and uniform microwave non gradient heating can improve the overall density of the sintered material and reduce defects such as pores, holes and microcracks inside the material.

4. Ultrafine grain

Rapid temperature rise and faster sintering and synthesis cycles can yield finer and denser grain structures, including nanocrystalline structures.

5. Reduce reaction temperature

High intensity microwave electromagnetic fields can significantly reduce the activation energy of the physicochemical reaction, improve the thermodynamic and kinetic conditions of the reaction, and lower the reaction temperature.

6. Select heating properties

For high-temperature synthesis, roasting, low-temperature drying and solidifying, or other special processes, selective heating can be performed using the coupling strength differences between microwave and different materials to meet specific process requirements.

7. Induced or enhanced catalysis

Microwave electromagnetic fields can induce or enhance the catalytic reaction process, significantly improve the chemical reaction speed or conversion rate, and enhance the reaction effect.

8. No pollution

Realize pollution-free heating or processing of fine materials.

9. Good controllability and convenient maintenance

Microwave equipment is accurately adjustable and controllable, easy to repair and maintain, and has a high degree of automation.

10. Safe, clean, comfortable and user-friendly

Microwave heating equipment prompts that microwave leakage can be effectively controlled within the safety threshold, creating a safe, clean, comfortable and user-friendly operating environment.

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