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What is the production process flow of microwave expanding?

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Production process flow of microwave expanding starch food

Expanded foods generally use starch as the main raw material. Microwave expanding overcomes the drawbacks of high oil content caused by traditional fried expanding, and has the advantages of energy conservation and environmental protection. It is of great significance for the application of high-tech in food and improving the economic benefits of factories. 

The basic production technology process is as below:

Starch and water → size mixing → gelatinization → perform making → steaming → cooling → slicing and molding → drying → microwave expanding → packaging → food

After gelatinizing cereals, potatoes and corn starch with water, add various necessary food additives, form them, pre dry them, and then heat them with microwave to expand them into various foods, such as potato and corn foods, instant noodles and rice cakes.

Production process flow of microwave expanding protein food

Generally, starch is used as the main raw material for expanded foods. There are few reports on the expanding of plant and animal protein as the main raw material, mainly because it is difficult to achieve good expanding effects using conventional expanding techniques for protein materials. Using the rapid heating and internal heating characteristics of microwave, if the protein material is properly processed and has a suitable organizational structure, it can also achieve a expanding effect. This is a new type of expanding technology.

The basic production process of microwave expanding fish food is as below:

Fish → Cleaning → Quick freezing → Slicing → Rinsing to remove fishiness → Seasoning → Pre drying → Microwave expanding → Packaging → Food

Production process flow of microwave expanding fruit and vegetable food

The microwave expanding method for processing fruit and vegetable crisps does not increase the fat content of the food, and better preserves the original flavor of the product. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of sterilization, beneficial to maintaining food nutrients, saving time and energy. The production process flow is as below:

Raw material selection → cleaning and peeling → color protection → slicing → pre drying → microwave expanding → packaging → food

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