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Why is pet food suitable for drying and sterilizing by microwave vacuum drying equipment

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Pet food is a food specifically provided for pets and small animals, which is between human food and traditional animal feed. Its main function is to provide basic life assurance, growth, development and health nutrients for various pets. It has the advantages of comprehensive nutrition, high digestion and absorption rate, scientific formula, quality standards, convenient feeding and use, and can prevent certain diseases.

Features of microwave drying equipment:

1. Clean, hygienic and pollution-free. General industrial heating equipment is relatively large, occupies a large area, and the surrounding environment temperature is also relatively high. The working conditions of the operators are poor, and the intensity is high. However, microwave heating occupies a small area and avoids high environmental temperatures, greatly improving the working conditions of workers.

2. Microwave heating has strong penetration ability. The frequency of far-infrared heating is higher than that of microwave heating, and the heating efficiency is theoretically better. However, in fact, it is not. There is also a concept of penetration ability in this. Although far-infrared heating has many advantages and is widely used, in terms of its ability to penetrate objects, far-infrared heating is far inferior to microwave heating. What is penetration ability? Penetration ability is the ability of electromagnetic waves to penetrate into the interior of a medium. When electromagnetic waves enter the medium from the surface and propagate within it, energy is continuously absorbed and can be converted into thermal energy.

3. The microwave power absorbed per unit volume in a strong field high-temperature medium is proportional to the square of the electric field strength, which allows the processed object to rise to the required processing temperature in a short time under high field strength. High field strength and temperature can also produce bactericidal effects without affecting the quality of the product.

4. Timely and responsive conventional heating methods, such as steam heating, electric heating, infrared heating, etc., require a certain amount of time to reach a certain temperature. In the event of a malfunction or stop of heating, the temperature drop will take a longer time. Microwave heating can quickly adjust the microwave power to the desired value within a few seconds, heating it to the appropriate temperature, facilitating automation and continuous production.

Features of pet food microwave sterilization equipment: penetrating heating, fast heating speed and uniform heating. The distance it penetrates is theoretically of the same order of magnitude as the electromagnetic wave length. The simple drying method for pet food microwave sterilization equipment is to directly dry the feed through sunlight or natural wind, laying it flat on an open and flat ground, continuously turning it over to quickly evaporate its moisture.

Why is the pet food sterilization equipment using microwave? The pet food sterilization equipment uses a device that can directly act on water molecules and convert them into heat energy through overspeed friction. Due to the penetration performance of microwave, the medium is heated both inside and outside, without heat conduction or heat loss. Therefore, the heating speed is very fast, and it is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. For food with a moisture content below 30%, the drying speed can be shortened by hundreds of times. Regardless of any shape of the object, due to the simultaneous heating of the medium inside and outside the object, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the material is small, and the heating is uniform, which will not result in the occurrence of external coke and internal formation during conventional heating, greatly improving the drying quality. The equipment operation and maintenance are simple and clear at a glance, which is an effective way to save land and manpower.

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