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Chemical dryer

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Microwave lithium hydroxide drying equipment for chemical powder can be used for drying and dehydration of chemical raw materials in powder and granular materials. For example: nickel hydroxide, green silicon carbide, lithium carbonate, lithium hydroxide, copper sulfate pentahydrate, polymer, additives, cobalt oxalate, ammonia paratungstate, lithium cobaltate, barium carbonate, lithium carbonate, silicon carbide, iron oxide, zirconia, thermal sensitive materials, strontium carbonate, etc. the water content reaches 0.5% after drying from 40%, the drying time is only 6-15 minutes, and the drying temperature can be controlled between 80 ℃ and 90 ℃. The application of microwave equipment in chemical products can not only greatly save energy, but also complete several processes of some products in the microwave equipment at one time. Many organic compounds can not directly and obviously absorb microwaves, but they can use some kind of "sensitizer" that strongly absorbs microwaves to transfer microwave energy to these substances to induce chemical reactions. Microwaves play an inducing role through catalysts or their carriers, that is, the consumed microwave energy is used to induce catalytic reactions, which is called microwave induced catalytic reactions.

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