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Chemical dryer

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  • In chemical engineering, drying is a critical step. The material being dried and the intended result will determine the type of dryer that is utilized. There are several different dryers available, and each has benefits and drawbacks of its own.It's crucial to comprehend the various dryer types offe


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  • Drying Chemical Powder Using a Microwave DryerThe idea of using microwaves for heating and cooking is not a new one in the heating/drying sectors, but the use of them for drying is relatively new and gaining enormous popularity due to the many features and benefits they offer. We, at Shlantai, are a


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  • Simple and straightforward to introduce the drying principle: microwave is a kind of electromagnetic wave, with penetration, refraction, and wave absorption. Microwave drying is to use the absorption of the drying material and the penetration of microwave, under the action of microwave, water molecu


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  • Microwave lithium hydroxide drying equipment for chemical powder can be used for drying and dehydration of chemical raw materials in powder and granular materials. For example: nickel hydroxide, green silicon carbide, lithium carbonate, lithium hydroxide, copper sulfate pentahydrate, polymer, additi


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