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Curry Leaf dryer drying process introduction

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Curry Leaf dryer drying process introduction

The Curry Leaf dryer consists of two to four paddle shafts meshed with each other, W-shaped shell with jacket, machine base and transmission part. The whole drying process of materials is carried out in a closed state, and organic volatile gas and odor gas are sent to the exhaust gas treatment device in a closed atmosphere to avoid environmental pollution.

The Curry Leaf dryer provides an effective method of drying sludge, sludge and by-products. This indirect dryer is heated with steam or thermal oil and produces low tailpipe emissions. Its hollow wedge-shaped paddles allow it to dry viscous or hard materials.

The specific working process of the Curry Leaf dryer is as follows:

1. Inertization:

Before adding the moist filter cake and filter liquid into the container, nitrogen gas is injected into the container to remove the oxygen inside. This step can prevent potential explosion environment inside the container.

2. Feeding:

After inertization, the moist filter cake enters the dryer from a centrifuge, a filtration dryer, or in liquid form. When used as a reactor, solid and liquid raw materials are added.

3. Drying:

To effectively dry the material, the filtration dryer will gradually start and heat up while constantly stirring the material during drying. The filtration dryer maintains a vacuum and keeps this temperature until the product reaches its final moisture requirement.

4. Cooling:

After drying, the material needs to be cooled before discharging.

5. Discharging:

The dried and cooled material is discharged through two discharge valves on both sides of the dryer and transported by an agitator to the discharge valve.

Curry Leaf dryer drying process introduction

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