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The Benefits of Choosing Dynamic Microwave Food Drying Equipment for Dehydration of Seafood

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The Benefits of Choosing Dynamic Microwave Food Drying Equipment for Dehydration of Seafood

Seafood comes from coastal areas, with the vast majority being high-temperature and dry seafood. In the drying equipment, dynamic microwave food drying equipment is currently the main equipment in the drying market. The traditional high-temperature drying process for seafood has many drawbacks and is difficult to meet the hygiene requirements of food. The dry environment is dusty, and the finished seafood has a dull color. Coal replacement is required midway to increase labor intensity. During the process, gases such as sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide are generated, and the working environment is harsh. Coal smoke seriously corrodes the equipment inside the box, resulting in a short service life. The difficulty in achieving automatic control of temperature and humidity affects the drying quality of seafood.

The dynamic microwave food drying equipment for high-temperature drying of seafood fully meets the requirements of food hygiene: the dry environment is hygienic, and the finished seafood has a bright color. Fully automatic control, reducing labor intensity. During the high-temperature drying process, no waste gas or residue will be generated. Long service life, low operating cost, and strong economy. Temperature and humidity can be completely controlled, with small fluctuations during the drying process and good stability. Therefore, seafood dried using microwave drying equipment has high quality. 

1. Fast drying speed

The entire process can be completed in about 5 hours. 

2. The effect after drying

bright color, good drying effect, and a chewy taste.

3. The dryness is the same

there will be no external hardening phenomenon. 

4. Environment

The production environment is hygienic, with a small footprint, intelligent control, no need for multiple people to operate, adjustable time, and can be observed and taken out at the designated time.

5. Convenient 

The dried seafood can be immediately packaged and sold, making it a convenient and time-saving industrial microwave dryer for seafood. 

The characteristics of microwave seafood dryer: energy-saving, efficient, and easy to operate! Anti mold, sterilization and preservation: When heated, it has thermal and biological effects, so it can kill mold and kill bacteria at lower temperatures; Practice has proven that it has the advantages of good puffing effect, fast drying speed, simple equipment operation, and high degree of automation, as it can preserve the activity of materials and the vitamins, color, and nutritional components in food to the maximum extent possible. In addition, the sterilization effect of the equipment is exceptionally excellent (verified by food related departments), so it can fully meet the requirements of deep processing of seafood.

The microwave seafood drying and sterilization equipment can be used for drying, baking, and sterilization processing of seafood such as fish fry, shrimp, kelp, seaweed, various fish, fish fillets, shrimp, shrimp skin, shrimp, seaweed, and seaweed. Food drying: mushrooms, okra, cucumbers, potatoes, sweet potatoes, noodles, chili peppers, Sichuan peppers. Nut ripening: almonds, melon seeds, peanuts, rice, red beans, soybeans, etc. Drying of traditional Chinese medicine materials: ginseng, medlar, jujube, panax notoginseng, velvet antler, siraitia grosvenorii, yam, etc. Pet food drying: pig liver, quail, chicken heart, beef jerky, lamb jerky, etc. Other chemical drying, battery material drying, and melt blown cloth drying.

Our company's seafood drying equipment needs to be calculated based on the characteristics of your company's product technology, moisture content, production capacity, etc., to provide you with suitable equipment. As this device is a customized device, the above parameters are for reference only. For details, please call directly for consultation.

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