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Seafood dryer

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  • Seafood comes from coastal areas, with the vast majority being high-temperature and dry seafood. In the drying equipment, dynamic microwave food drying equipment is currently the main equipment in the drying market. The traditional high-temperature drying process for seafood has many drawbacks and i


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  • Ginseng, a popular medicinal herb, has been used for centuries in traditional medicine for its numerous health benefits. With the increasing demand for ginseng products, the need for efficient processing methods has become crucial. The industrial American ginseng slice dryer is a revolut


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  • Basic knowledge of seafood dryingSeafood Dryer Description:In order to preserve fish, shellfish, and other seafood, a compact mechanical seafood dryer machine called a seafood drying oven is utilized to dry them out. The most popular heating method is electric heating; however, this Seafood Dryer ma


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  • Drying technology of industrial microwave shrimpIntroduction Of Microwave Shrimp Drying Machine: A microwave shrimp dryer is a piece of specialist equipment used to microwave-dry shrimp. By subjecting shrimp to high-frequency electromagnetic waves, a microwave shrimp drying machine is able to dry th


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  • 1. Fast drying speed. Conventional methods such as steam drying, electrothermal drying and hot air drying require more than ten hours to reduce the water content from 10% to less than 1%, while microwave drying only takes more than ten minutes; The conventional method requires six to seven hours to


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