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The vacuum freeze dryer is used more and more widely

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The vacuum freeze dryer is used more and more widely

Our food industrial microwave equipment are frequently used in a range of food production, such as puffed food, beverages, porridge powder, fruits and vegetables, medication, pet food, etc., as you may have seen on the official website of Shanghai Lantai Microwave Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. In order to compete on the worldwide market, many producers have proposed stricter specifications for the processing technique of the aforementioned goods. The Lantai Microwave company has been offering the vacuum freeze dryer as a solution to an increasing number of customers in an effort to better meet their needs. Our company applied science to the dryer and freeze-drying equipment it created, using its understanding of mechanics, automatic control, microwave energy, heat energy, vacuum, and material changes.Our vacuum freeze dryer offers solutions to issues that can't be addressed by traditional drying or puffing technology, greatly enhancing the quality of processed goods.

In an effort to motivate and assist you, the following section concentrates on a quick summary of the most popular food freeze-drying technology:

Why is specific food treated with vacuum freeze-drying?

1. Preserve as much of the original food's structure, nutrients, and flavors as possible, especially the maximum retention rate of physiologically active substances, which is the major justification for some functional foods' usage of freeze-dried food as their starting point.

2. The food retains its original shape, color, and texture after being freeze-dried, and it doesn't crack or shrink in appearance;

3. Because the tissue is porous and the product's surface does not harden, it rehydrates well and is easy to consume. In order to determine its position in the quick convenience food, freeze-dried product can be recovered by soaking;

4. The product that has been freeze dried is lightweight, storage-resistant, and does not have any specific needs for the surrounding temperature. It can be stored for roughly two years at normal temperature if it is shielded from light, vacuumed, and filled with nitrogen. The ongoing costs of storage, delivery, and sales are far lower than for frozen food.

What goods can be processed using Lantai Microwave Company's vacuum freeze dryer?

The products can be dried using freeze-drying technology as long as the water content is under 85% and they contain non-toxic and non-corrosive materials. It is possible to create freeze-dried food, condiments, quick meals, etc. out of almost all agricultural and auxiliary goods, including meat, poultry, eggs, aquatic products, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Due to the variety of applications, we won't mention the names of every product here. For additional information about the machine, please click the machine image below if you have a specific product that has to be frozen dried. Emails, internet messages, and phone calls are all appreciated!

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