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11 Advantages of Microwave Dryers

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11 Advantages of Microwave Dryers

1. High thermal efficiency. Due to the fact that the heat directly comes from the inside of the dry material, the loss of heat in the surrounding media is minimal. In addition, the microwave heating chamber itself does not absorb heat or absorb microwave, and all of it emits and acts on the material, resulting in high thermal efficiency.

2. Microwave can instantly penetrate the heated material, requiring only seconds to minutes of heating without preheating. Stopping heating is also instantaneous, without residual heat.

3. The microwave power is adjustable, and users can adjust different microwave power according to the requirements of materials during use.

4. Due to the simultaneous heating of various parts of the heated object, the entire object can be uniformly heated both internally and externally, without causing a large temperature difference between the surface and interior of the object due to conventional conduction heating.

5. Easy to control and operate. Automatically control heating time and drying temperature.

6. Microwave energy acts directly on materials, resulting in low energy consumption.

7. All equipment is made of industrial grade stainless steel.

8. Low production intensity and small land occupation.

9. Save labor and process, especially easy to connect with the front and rear processes into an automatic line, reducing the number of handling times.

10. Environmental protection, no sewage, waste gas, waste residue discharge. The use environment is clean, hygienic and noiseless.

11. It is relatively easy to adjust the heating state with the size of the power, and the operation is simple!

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