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11 features of food freeze-drying machines

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11 features of food freeze-drying machines

1. The freeze-dried box and partition are manufactured in strict accordance with GMP requirements. The barrel is made of 304 grade stainless steel, and the internal mirror surface is polished. The production process and requirements are higher than those of current domestic conventional food freeze-drier manufacturers.

2. It adopts a box cold trap integrated design, with a front box rear trap design, and is equipped with observation windows, which are equipped with lighting devices to facilitate observation of the situation inside the box.

3. The partition board is customized according to customer requirements, and the 304 stainless steel plate layer is processed with surface brushed square steel profiles, which is flat, easy to clean, and has good hygiene.

4. The coil used for cold trap water collection is made of clean stainless steel. The overall structure or split structure can be selected according to customer needs.

5. The refrigeration system components are configured according to high standard imported brands, with strong refrigeration capacity, fast cooling speed, and stable and reliable performance.

6. The System provides a variety of vacuum pump combinations based on customer needs, using high-quality vacuum pumps with relatively good technology.

7. The Omron PLC imported brand control system is adopted to facilitate data storage and operation. There are two control modes: automatic/manual, and the control mode can be switched freely. Process settings can be set in multiple groups, and the formula can be modified at any time during the drying process, and any skip steps can be made.

8. Soak or steam defrost to quickly defrost and clean.

9. With pre freezing function, no need for an external pre freezing warehouse, solving the risk of material movement, liquefaction and pollution.

10. With process adjustment, curve temperature control, temperature and vacuum control and adjustment functions, it can meet different material process requirements.

11. The separator medium oil conducts heat without steam, meeting environmental and safety requirements.

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