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6 advantages of vacuum drying kiln

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6 advantages of vacuum drying kiln

Vacuum kilns have been around since the 1970s, but it took some time for them to be used for drying wood in the modern sense. The goal is to heat the wood to a temperature where water can be evaporated using a conventional forced-heating kiln dryer. As a result, the wood begins to dry from the outside in a typical kiln. The wood will experience stress if the process is forced (drys too quickly), leading to fractures, cracking, warping, cupping, and twisting. The following 6 benefits are yours when you dry wood in a vacuum kiln.

1.Quick And Even Heating

There are no issues with either thicker or green wood.

Greater efficiency and a shorter drying time - HF vacuum kilns may dry materials significantly more quickly than traditional vacuum kilns. For instance, it takes just 7 days to dry a thick 8 cm piece of rosewood from 50% to 10%.

As a result, you may sell your items more quickly and gain a competitive advantage.

The entire moisture content of the lumber is consistent after drying where there is more moisture and a stronger electric field, making solid wood products more stable and less likely to distort.

2. Superior Drying

Better product quality is achieved with a high frequency vacuum kiln drying system because of the even heat distribution and quick drying times.

3. Limited Floor Area But High Lumber Load Capability

Space-saving - Because HF vacuum kiln drying plants have a tiny footprint, you may install one in a small area, which lowers the cost of renting or purchasing a bigger area. Use this to lower your overall expenditures by taking advantage of it. The kilns can also load a lot of wooden slabs.

4. Lessening Of Energy Consumption

Traditional vacuum kilns consume more energy than high frequency vacuum kilns. In comparison to conventional electric heating, high frequency power usage is substantially greater, reaching 60% or more, as opposed to 20–40% for conventional electric or other heating techniques. This will result in long-term financial savings for you.

5. Conserve Labor And Lower Labor Intensity

One person can run the device thanks to its simple and clear operation, dual automated and manual switching systems, and ease of use.

6. Environmentally Conscious

There are no hazardous compounds released or impacted by the drying of the wood.

High-frequency vacuum kilns also have the benefit of efficiently eliminating adult insects and their eggs from the lumber without the use of chemical-based chemicals.

Without having to wait a long time, the vacuum dryer kiln is currently the most cutting-edge drying apparatus for drying lumber.

Numerous furniture firms and sawmills want speedy cash flow as well as quick drying of their completed lumber in order to reap the rewards. In order to save time, they decide to use vacuum kilns.

The best option for thick table tops, veneers, slabs, pricey wood, hardwood, veneer, beams, and other items is a high frequency vacuum dry kiln.

Having gained a general grasp of vacuum kilns, you can now decide which one is best for your company based on its current circumstances. If you have any questions or would like more information about vacuum kilns, please get in touch with us. We will give you more services.

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