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Brief analysis of characteristics of vacuum drying equipment:

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Appearance is an unparalleled advantage of microwave drying products. Advanced microwave control technology is used to disturb the water molecules from the center of the product and remove them from the interior without damaging the appearance. The only change is that the skin color becomes slightly darker due to the decrease in water content. Combined with vacuum technology, it can effectively avoid the thermal and oxygen damage of bioactive components during the drying process. At a temperature of less than 60 ℃, 90% of the water can be removed in 50 seconds. Compared to freeze drying, it not only greatly saves energy and labor, but also better maintains the original form, color, flavor and nutrients of the product. The cracking, whitening and shrinkage of freeze-dried products are inevitable defects in the freeze-dried process.

High nutrition. For fruits, vegetables, meat, seafood, Chinese medicinal materials, animal and plant specimens, etc., research has shown that microwave drying can maximize the retention of original nutrients in materials. For example, the nutrients such as vitamins and chlorophyll in sun-dried vegetables can only be retained by 3% of the original content, while they can be retained by 17% when dried in the shade, they can be retained by 40% when quickly dried in hot tablets, and by more than 70% when dried in FD vacuum freeze-drying. The effective components of microwave sublimation drying can be retained by 97%, so this is called invariant dehydration.

Palatability. Microwave vacuum drying can give food a crispy taste, which is different from the elasticity of freeze dried products and the hardness of hot air drying. The formation of brittleness is related to the porous structure and expansibility of food given by microwave vacuum drying. After being dehydrated, fresh vegetables and fruits taste sweeter and more delicious than before due to their concentrated aroma and sugar content. The dehydrated fresh meat tastes more delicious than before, improving its palatability.

Food safety is a matter of great concern to everyone. Microwave drying technology not only ensures a low microbial load on the product, but also inactivates potentially hidden insect eggs. Compared to this technical threshold, freeze-dried products cannot reduce the microbial content of the product due to process constraints, and can only control the microbial load of agricultural products at the source. Alternatively, as can be seen from many convenience food ingredient lists, some freeze-dried raw materials control microorganisms through late radiation. Radiation has many sequelae, one of which is the significant increase in microbial retaliation.

Super long preservation. Convenient microwave vacuum drying of pet food is thorough dehydration and light weight, making it very convenient to use or carry. It can be stored without adding any preservatives, which is healthy and safe. Vacuum packaging or nitrogen filled packaging can be used for storage away from light. This sealed packaging can have a shelf life of up to 3-5 years or even longer at room temperature.

High rehydration performance. After vacuum low-temperature drying, the food remains in its original form, but the water inside evaporates, making it porous and empty, like a sponge, easy for pets to absorb. After drying, the water content of the food is basically less than 10%, and the food has a dry spongy porous structure, which also has ideal instant solubility and rapid and almost complete rehydration. When consumed, just add an appropriate amount of water to restore a nearly fresh taste within seconds to minutes.

The operating cost is much cheaper than freeze drying. Therefore, microwave vacuum drying can achieve high-quality products with lower production costs.

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