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Product Introduction of Dynamic Microwave Vacuum Dryer

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The dynamic microwave vacuum dryer is mainly used for the drying of various low temperature (50-60 degrees) dried Chinese medicinal materials, agricultural products and chemical materials. The drying products are osmanthus fragrans, momordica grosvenorii, snail meat, electronic cigarette butts, dried lemon, fruit slices, etc; The microwave vacuum dryer is a kind of microwave vacuum drying equipment customized according to the user's production process. The chlorophytum comosum type microwave vacuum dryer can be customized. The microwave power is actually configured according to the output. The microwave vacuum dryer adopts a touch screen, PLC automation control, and can design a process flow. After placing the product, close the door, start the microwave vacuum dryer control system, and automatically start and stop at the control system point. After reaching the set drying time, the microwave vacuum dryer will automatically shut down the microwave system. Our company has a microwave vacuum dryer test prototype, providing on-site production operations for free, and providing one-stop technical services in conjunction with user products. We welcome new and old friends to visit and negotiate.

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