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Remember the 4 points, on daily maintenance of microwave drying equipment

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1. Keep the production environment dry. Microwave equipment electrical appliances are all made of metal. Due to high humidity in the workshop, the surface can be relatively wet. When the power is turned on, the moisture adhering to the surface of the metal electrical appliances can easily cause short circuits, especially during the annual rainy season, which requires early dehumidification treatment;

2. According to the sanitation level of the on-site production environment, it is necessary to reasonably arrange dust cleaning work for equipment electrical appliances, boxes, conveyor belts and other parts, especially for air-cooled equipment, which requires special attention. Because if thick dust is attached to the magnetron and transformer of microwave appliances, the heat dissipation effect will be poor, and it is easy to burn out after a long working time;

3. Regularly open the oven door of the microwave heating box, clean up the debris left inside the box, and avoid a series of reactions caused by excessive accumulation;

4. When installing the machine, designate a person to study nearby, preferably an electrician, to familiarize him with equipment maintenance and simple repair work. A skilled equipment operator can maximize the use value of the equipment and create greater profit space for the enterprise.

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