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What advantages has the microwave tea de-enzyme machine?

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What advantages has the microwave tea de-enzyme machine?

The microwave tea de-enzyme machine has the following advantages:

(1) Fast de-enzyme speed;

(2) Due to low temperature on the material surface, less chlorophyll change, green color, concealment resistance, less aroma loss and uniform drying.

(3) The water evaporates quickly and forms pores easily. The product has good rehydration performance and is easy to dissolve when making tea.

Microwave de-enzyme of tea mainly inactivates the oxidase activity in the fresh leaves by high temperature destroying, evaporates some water from the fresh leaves, making the tea soft and easy to knead, while emitting a green odor and promoting the formation of a good aroma. It is the initial production process of green tea, chrysanthemum tea, honeysuckle tea and other tea products. Tea contains polyphenol oxidase, if it is not de-enzyme, the polyphenols will undergo oxidative fermentation under the action of enzymes, which will make tea quickly lose color and then deteriorate. Tea de-enzyme is a tea processing process.

The traditional frying pan type and roller type de-enzyme processes consume manpower and material resources, have low efficiency, and are contaminated during processing. The microwave tea de-enzyme machine is a new type of de-enzyme equipment, with advantages such as fast de-enzyme speed, high efficiency, and good product quality. While de-enzyme, microwave can also remove moisture from fresh leaves.

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