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What is the features of microwave sterilizer and dryer?

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1. High efficiency. Conventional vacuum drying equipment uses steam for heating, which requires heating from the inside out. The slow heating speed requires a large amount of coal consumption. However, microwave vacuum drying equipment uses electromagnetic wave heating, which directly heats the interior of the object without heat transfer media. The heating speed is fast. A 1 kW microwave can heat water at room temperature to 100℃ within 3-5 minutes, avoiding the above shortcomings, so it is fast and efficient The drying cycle is greatly shortened and energy consumption is reduced. Compared with conventional drying techniques, it can improve work efficiency by more than four times.

2. Uniform heating. Due to microwave heating, materials are heated simultaneously from the inside out, which makes the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the materials is very small, and does not lead to inconsistent internal and external heating conditions that occur during conventional heating, resulting in a puffing effect that is conducive to crushing and greatly improving the drying quality.

3. Easy to control, convenient for continuous production and automation. Due to the characteristics of rapid adjustment of microwave power and non-inertia, it is easy to control in real time, and can arbitrarily adjust the temperature between 40 ℃ and 100 ℃.

4. Small equipment size, convenient installation and maintenance.

5. The product quality is good, and the quality of the processed product has been greatly improved compared with conventional methods.

6. Microwave has the efficacy of disinfection and sterilization, and the product is safe and hygienic, long quality guarantee period.

7. Significant economic benefits

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