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Working principle of microwave tea green-fixation machine

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The purpose of tea green-fixation is to use high temperature to destroy the activity of enzymes in the damaged leaves, inhibit the oxidation of polyphenols, further dissipate aroma, evaporate water, and soften the leaves for easy kneading. There are two types of tea microwave green-fixation equipment: mechanical and manual. Currently, mechanical tea green-fixation is the main method.

  1. Mechanical tea green-fixation is suitable for mass production, requiring only one stir fry and kneading. The pot temperature keeps 300-350℃. Master the principle of "more stuffiness and less raising, high temperature, fast and short time, small pot”, stir fry for 2-3 minutes, until moderately cooked and kneaded.

  2. Manual tea green-fixation can be divided into two stages: initial stir-frying and secondary stir-frying. First stir-fry, pot temperature 240-260℃, leaf amount 1.5 or so. Put the green leaves into the pot and stir fry them first. When the temperature of the leaves rises, stir fry them. Follow the principle of more stuffiness and less stirring, and stir evenly and thoroughly. The choice of stir-frying should be flexibly controlled based on the degree of heating of the leaves. It is advisable to stir-fry the green leaves with less water content. For rare species with thin leaves, it is advisable to stir-fry them with low heat temperature and shorter time. For daffodils with large leaves and high water content, the method of combining high temperature stir-frying and stirring should be adopted, with a longer time. Generally, it is advisable to knead while hot, and then perform a second stir-frying, also known as stir-frying. The temperature of the re frying pan is 200 to 240℃. Remove the first kneaded leaves from the pan and simmer for more than ten seconds. When the pan is hot, start the pan and perform the re frying. The tea green-fixation equipment uses the appropriate standard for green-fixation until the leaves become soft and sticky, the color of the leaves turns dark, and there is a slight aroma and no green odor.

Features of microwave tea green-fixation equipment:

1. When it working, the surface temperature of tea leaves is not high, and there is no need to blow and cool them before they leave. As a result, the leaves have less green change, are emerald green and resistant to storage, and have less aroma loss. At the same time, due to the rapid evaporation rate of water, the quality of tea leaves is guaranteed, and material loss is avoided. In addition, microwave tea green-fixation and drying have the functions of sterilization and fermentation, which traditional processing equipment does not have. Microwave, especially for summer and autumn tea, is quite effective in removing the bitter and astringent taste, This fermenting function cannot be replaced by other machinery.

2. The equipment adopts automatic loading and unloading, and the replacement personnel only need to press the button to monitor the operation of the equipment and inspect the degree of green-fixation of fresh leaves. It only takes 1-2 people to complete the green-fixation and drying process. However, traditional green-fixation and drying work is labor-intensive and has a poor working environment, requiring 5-6 people for the entire green-fixation and drying process.

3. Microwave green-fixation and drying is the process of evenly irradiating tea leaves with electromagnetic waves generated by a magnetron tube, heating both internally and externally, without scorched leaves, edges, or debris. However, traditional green-fixation of tea leaves is conducted through a heating roller to conduct uneven heat to the tea leaves, which can easily lead to external ripening and internal unripening, as well as external dryness and internal wetness.

4. Microwave tea green-fixation only requires 10% water removal, and the operating cost of the equipment is 1.4 KW/H/10KG. The actual configuration size can be customized according to production and demand.

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