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Beef dryer machine

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Beef dryer is a kind of mild drying equipment, which can effectively solve the problems of discoloration, deterioration, cracking, uneven moisture and production pollution of food, meat products, seafood and agricultural and sideline products in the drying process, and make the dried products full, bright in color, glossy and good in taste. The full-automatic operation, automatic constant temperature and humidity, automatic judgment of humidity, automatic dehumidification and other advantages of the dryer are beyond the reach of traditional drying equipment, and the operating cost is extremely low. In the process of processing nutritious food, in order to keep all kinds of nutrients from being destroyed, compared with traditional technology, it has the advantages of short processing cycle, good product quality and low temperature killing The utility model has the advantages of bacteria and nutrient components, improves the efficiency, saves power, and obtains obvious economic and social benefits. It is a new type of equipment mainly used for drying, baking, sterilizing, maturing and degreasing meat products such as beef granules, beef jerky, beef shreds, beef cubes, pork jerky, preserved meat, roast chicken, etc. it is also an energy-saving, stable, environmentally friendly and hygienic equipment with convenient operation and new technology. It has the advantages of short processing cycle, good product quality, low-temperature drying and sterilization, and protection of nutrients. It improves efficiency, saves power, and achieves obvious economic and social benefits.

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