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Beef vacuum freeze dryer

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Beef vacuum freeze-drying machine is a processing equipment for heat and mass transfer of freeze-dried materials under vacuum and low temperature environment. It is an interdisciplinary comprehensive technology. Freeze drying needs the support of vacuum, refrigeration, heating, mechanical transmission, automatic control and other technologies. The application of vacuum freeze-drying technology is very wide. As long as it contains water and is non corrosive, it can be made into freeze-dried products by using freeze-drying technology. Almost all agricultural and sideline products, such as meat, poultry, eggs, aquatic products, vegetables, etc., can be made into freeze-dried products. At present, freeze-drying technology is applied in food industry, biopharmaceutical industry, medical industry, nano materials, etc. The product processed by this technology is called freeze-dried food (FD food freeze-dried). It can maintain the color, fragrance, taste, shape and nutritional components of the original food, and has a good rehydration effect. Continuous feeding, discharging, drying, crushing and granulation process under vacuum. Automation, continuity and pipelining greatly improve product quality and preserve effective ingredients from being destroyed.

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