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Can freshly dried rice be processed into rice immediately?

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Can freshly dried rice be processed into rice immediately?

Nowadays, rice planting and harvesting and storage have been mechanized, which not only improves the efficiency but also the quality. Especially in storage, people use rice dryers to dry the freshly harvested rice quickly from 30% water content to less than 15%, and then it can be sold or stored for slow use. So can the freshly dried rice be processed into rice immediately? Many people have this question, so let's talk about it next.

Just dried rice can be processed rice mainly depends on the conditions of processing rice, that is to say, as long as the dried rice meets the processing conditions, it can be processed, if not, naturally can not be processed, thus we can see that it is very critical to understand the conditions of processing rice. To say the conditions of processing rice, we can understand through the rice processing process, processing rice is mainly obtained by grinding rice through mechanical equipment, as long as the rice has a certain degree of hardness and suitable humidity, it can be quickly processed into rice, and the hardness of rice is proportional to the humidity, so that as long as the just-dried rice can reach the required moisture, it can be processed. Normally, the safe moisture of rice after drying is about 14%, and the rice dryer can fully meet such requirements, but in actual production, just-dried rice contains a certain temperature, and its own texture is soft, so just-dried rice is not yet suitable for processing rice, and needs to be cooled in a room temperature environment before it can be processed.

Just dried rice cannot be processed, but this problem can be solved by other methods, such as equipping a rice cooling machine to cool the rice with residual temperature, and then it can be processed directly.

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