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Structure and characteristics of vacuum box drying

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Structure and characteristics of vacuum box drying

Vacuum box drying equipment is a drying equipment that operates intermittently under vacuum conditions. It is mainly composed of vacuum drying oven, heating system, cooling system, air extraction system, measurement system and control system. The vacuum drying oven is divided into cylindrical and square. Large vacuum drying equipment is mostly cylindrical, which is characterized by good strength and stability under external pressure and good process. Small vacuum drying equipment is mostly square, which is characterized by high utilization rate of the effective space of the vacuum chamber, but poor stability under external pressure.

The purpose of drying is to reduce the weight of materials to facilitate transportation; Reduce the moisture content of materials to facilitate long-term storage and storage; For some products, drying is a necessary process in the process. There is a large amount of heat energy in human life, which is consumed in various drying processes. According to statistics of developed industrial countries, the energy consumption in the drying process accounts for about 15% of the total energy consumption of the national economy.

Advantages of vacuum box drying:

1. The dried material is in a static state, and the switch is not easy to be damaged;

2. Drying will not lead to the loss of absolutely dry materials due to pumping, and no dust will be generated. Therefore, there is no need to set up a dry material recovery device in the equipment;

3. The shelf has many layers and large heating area, which is easy to realize large-scale production.

Advantages of vacuum box drying:

Its disadvantage is that both loading and discharging are manual operations, which are time-consuming and laborious, and affect production efficiency.

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