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Cashew nut dryer is widely used in the field of fried goods

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Cashew nut dryer is widely used in the field of fried goods

Cashew microwave drying machine equipment for the field of fried goods in large quantities of a variety of dried fruit drying sterilization, such as: walnuts, chestnuts, almonds, pistachios, walnuts, sunflower seeds, watermelon seeds, pumpkin seeds, shell-less melon seeds, peanuts, etc., with fast drying speed, sterilization effect is obvious, the product quality is good, etc., is a process of advanced microwave drying equipment.

Dried fruit, that is, the fruit ripe rind into a dry state of the fruit or human processing of the fruit, rich in protein, vitamins, etc., by the customer's affection, with a broad market. The use of Henan Boda microwave drying equipment for drying dried fruits, fast drying speed, sterilization effect, high product quality, while saving energy consumption, greatly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

Microwave drying equipment working characteristics: materials in the direct action of microwave electromagnetic field, uniform heating, without heat conduction. At the same time, the microwave thermal and non-thermal effects of the dual role of the sterilization effect. Compared with the traditional process, the product is crispy and crisp, rich in flavor, high expansion rate, natural color and luster, and less loss of nutrients, good production environment, high sterilization rate. At the same time, in the off-season of fried goods, the equipment can be used for food drying, sterilization, baking, heating, puffing, ripening and other processes, a multi-purpose machine.

Cashew microwave dryer is mainly made of stainless steel plate, strong and sturdy, excellent heat insulation and thermal insulation, and covers an area of less, not to produce "three wastes" pollution; equipment using PLC system, intelligent work, to achieve assembly line work, greatly enhance the production efficiency, improve business efficiency.

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