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Cashew nut dryer machine

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Cashew nut dryer machine

Cashew nuts can be dried with the cashew nut dryer. After cooking cashews, they are typically dried using a dryer machine in the cashew nut processing line. It is practical for cashew kernel peeling. For drying cashew nuts, there are two different types of drier equipment. They are the box-style cashew kernel dryer and the tray dryer. They are both capable of drying cashew nuts.

The stable drying chamber, heat exchange air, circulating fan, initial system, dehumidification system, and other components make up the majority of the tray-type cashew nut dryer. Its drying component consists of an internal tiny tray and a box-shaped drying host. Electricity is largely used for the heating element. It can recycle its heated air, which lowers expenses and lessens environmental pollution issues.

Characteristics of a tray-style cashew nut dryer

The cashew dryer uses a closed heat pump dehumidification cycle to dry the nuts. By utilizing circulating heat pumps, it can cut down on both the price of heat sources and exhaust pollutants.

It is frequently used to dry cashews, peanuts, almonds, and other nuts.

Electricity, gas, and other techniques are used in the nuts dryer machine's heating process.

It dries cashew nuts using the electric heating concept, which not only reduces pollution but also requires 30% less energy than conventional dryers.

The nutrients in the dried cashew nuts won't be wasted, and they won't decay, thanks to this tray cashew nut dryer. The cashew nut's flavor, aroma, and color can all be effectively preserved.

The basic idea behind cashew nut drying

The cashew kernel dryer made of stainless steel contains a connection point for an external heat source. The external heat source may produce heat using gas, electricity, or any other fuel. The circulating fan blows the heat source to circulate inside the machine, and the heat is transported to the interior drying room. As a result, the cashew nuts on the tray can fully contact the heat source.

The cashew nut dryer's control panel makes use of highly accurate digital sensors. It can detect the humidity and temperature within the machine with accuracy. Multiple temperature sections can be set to complete the drying process, and the control is accurate. At any time, the established settings can be changed. Additionally, it can maintain a steady inside-machine temperature and humidity. The tray dryer is similar to natural wind drying because it uses medium temperature drying. As a result, the texture, nutrition, and other distinctive components of cashew nuts dried using this device won't alter.

Features of a cashew nut dryer

1. It may alter the box dryer machine's capacity to suit the needs of the customer. We can modify the machine to meet your demands regardless of how much output it has.

2. A fan within the cashew nut drier moves the hot air inside the device. So that each component of the raw cashew nut material can be kept at a specific temperature.

3. The machine uses a sophisticated temperature and humidity controller, allowing the user to tune the inside temperature to a specific range. Maintain a consistent temperature within this range.

4. You can manage the cashew nut drying process on your own. The alarm will sound after the clothes have finished drying.

5. It uses low humidity and steady temperature drying, which can guarantee that the dried product is of high quality, has a pleasing color, and is nutrient-rich.

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