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Do you konw microwave vacuum dryer?

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Do you konw microwave vacuum dryer?

What is microwave vacuum dryer machine?

A unique type of microwave dryer known as a microwave vacuum dryer combines microwave drying and vacuum drying technology. It eliminates the drawbacks of the lengthy cycles and low efficiency of traditional vacuum drying and combines the benefits of microwave drying and vacuum drying. additionally having a high drying capacity, good quality, and affordable processing.

A high-tech product that combines electronics, vacuum, mechanics, thermodynamics, and program control is the microwave vacuum dryer machine. It is an excellent use of technology and a novel technique that was created after extensive study of the physical modifications that occur to substances during drying, the internal and external exchange of heat and mass, and the process of moisture migration under vacuum circumstances.

What is microwave vacuum drying?

A unique method of dehydration known as microwave vacuum drying employs microwave radiation to create heat in an absolute pressure range between the triple point of water and atmospheric pressure (0.61–101.33 kPa).Rapid drying of the product is possible at a lower temperature.

Which items can be dried with an industrial microwave vacuum dryer?

Different types of food, including marine food, pharmaceutical intermediate extracts, liquid extracts, fruits, vegetables, meat, leaves, and pharmaceutical and chemical products, can all be dried using a microwave vacuum drier.

It doesn't matter what it is: lumps, liquid, solid, powder, or granular—all can be dried effectively.

Why would a commercial microwave vacuum dryer be advantageous?

High effectiveness for drying.

Drying evenly and quickly: In contrast to conventional drying techniques, which rely on heat conduction to dry objects from the outside in, microwave heating exhibits a volume heating property that simultaneously warms the water molecules in both the interior and outside of the product. As a result of the porous structure's ability to release water vapor, the product dries quickly inside of itself.

Simple to use:The touch screen operation interface allows for almost all tasks, and it has a very user-friendly menu that makes it easy to understand what each function does.

Stable and dependable operation of the equipment:We take pride in our rigorous quality assurance procedures, which include careful production and strict QC inspections.

The industrial microwave vacuum drier is frequently used to dry materials that are heat-sensitive and cannot be dried under atmospheric pressure. To lower the boiling point and achieve drying at a lower temperature, it is necessary to lower the pressure. like fruit juices, fruit slices, beverages, medicines, extracts of herbs, sticky liquid, organic extract solution, and pharmaceutical pellets.

What benefits do vacuum drying over non-vacuum drying offer?

To safeguard the product, use low drying temperatures.hardly little taste loss

High yield and negligible product loss

A non-oxidizing product

There is no mechanical strain on the product.

An adjustable drying procedure

Multipurpose application; suited for solid, powder, and liquid

Recovery of solvents is a possibility.

What is the power of your microwave dryer/vacuum appliance? How do I make a decision?

The product's capacity, drying conditions, and moisture content will be used to determine the machine's power. Our current machine types range in power from 5 kW to 100 kW, covering scales from the laboratory to the industrial.

In accordance with your unique requirements, we may develop and produce machines with larger vacuum chambers.

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