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Five advantages of microwave dryer

Views: 204     Author: Wendy     Publish Time: 2023-04-14      Origin: Site


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Five advantages of microwave dryer

A novel drying technique is microwave drying. The idea is that when drying, microwave energy directly acts on the heated material to cause the polar molecules inside to move erratically, creating heat energy to evaporate water molecules. As a result, the drying process can be sped up for materials with water contents below 30%. Numerous times. Many investigations on the theory and practice of microwave drying technology were carried out abroad as early as the 1960s, and successful outcomes in real-world applications have been attained. The five benefits of microwave drying are as follows:

1.The majority of conventional drying apparatus uses steam heating, which necessitates interior heating. A lot of energy must be used to heat something slowly. Heat conduction is not necessary for microwave drying because electromagnetic waves turn the heated object into its own heating element. As a result, the drying cycle is significantly shortened, the speed is fast, the efficiency is high, and the energy consumption is low. Rapid heating is possible even for materials with poor thermal conductivity.

2 .microwave drying heating is uniform, regardless of the shape of the material, the inside and outside are heated uniformly under the action of electromagnetic waves, without the phenomenon of external coke endogenesis caused by the inconsistent heating of the inside and outside of the material in conventional heating, and the drying quality is improved.

3.Microwave drying directly acts on the heating material, and there is no heat conduction to reduce the transmission loss. It saves more than 1/3 energy than infrared heating and more than 1/2 energy saving than steam heating. Moreover, the whole heating process is inside the equipment, and the microwave leaks very little, and there is no radiation hazard in the process. And toxic gas emissions, no waste heat and dust, so microwave drying has the advantages of energy saving, high efficiency and pollution-free.

4.microwave drying has a small equipment space, easy to control, convenient for continuous production and automation, can realize immediate heating and stop, and easy to control and adjust the temperature in real time.

5.Microwave has the function of anti-mildew, sterilization and fresh-keeping. Through the thermal and biological effects of microwave heating, it can be sterilized and anti-mildew at a lower temperature, which can extend the shelf life of food, preserve the original color and nutrient content of the food, and preserve the raw materials. Physiological activity, enhance the functionality of health foods, and increase the added value of agricultural products. Compared with traditional methods, the quality of processed products has been greatly improved.

It is precisely because of these advantages that microwave drying is widely used in food processing, material chemical industry, pharmaceutical processing, pet feed drying, tea and medicinal processing, condiment processing, grain storage, nut processing, wood and bamboo products, and fast food industries. With meat products, fish and shrimp cooked and other aspects.

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