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microwave drying

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  • Microwave is a form of electromagnetic energy (300 Mhz–300 GHz), generated by magnetrons. For the industrial microwave, the common frequency used is 915 Mhz and 2450 Mhz. 915Mhz has a stronger penetration ability than 2450Mhz, and single microwave magnetron could be 75Kw under the 915Mhz.However, ma


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  • Application Fields and Development Prospects of Microwave Drying and Sterilization of Medicinal Materials In the process of making medicinal materials, in order to prevent mildew, decay, and other phenomena, drying and sterilization are essential links. Microwave equipment is widely used in the dryi


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  • What are the advantages of the aging time of microwave drying equipment? 1.Swift motion and little time.The material inside and outside of the entire is heated using the transmission effect of the microwave, which combines the thermal effect with the non-thermal effect. As a result, the material wit


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  • Microwave technology and poultry, aquatic products, and meat food processing Using high-tech and new technology to transform traditional food processing technology will open up a new road for the food industry at home and abroad. The application of microwave technology to poultry, aquatic products,


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  • Simple and straightforward to introduce the drying principle: microwave is a kind of electromagnetic wave, with penetration, refraction, and wave absorption. Microwave drying is to use the absorption of the drying material and the penetration of microwave, under the action of microwave, water molecu


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  • Chinese herbal medicine has been a treasure of Chinese culture for thousands of years, and it continues to play a significant part in the growth of the Chinese medical sector. Compared to western medicine, Chinese medicine offers distinct benefits in training the human body since it is less harmful,


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  • Five advantages of microwave dryerA novel drying technique is microwave drying. The idea is that when drying, microwave energy directly acts on the heated material to cause the polar molecules inside to move erratically, creating heat energy to evaporate water molecules. As a result, the drying proc


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