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Fruit and vegetable dryer

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Fruit and vegetable dryer is a kind of food machinery equipment with advanced technology. It is mainly made of stainless steel plate and has strong thermal insulation and corrosion resistance; The application of PLC system, tunnel structure and assembly line work enhances the connection of the overall production; Equipped with infrared temperature measurement, cold and hot air equipment, real-time monitoring and accurate temperature control. Clean energy, lower dye costs, improve baking efficiency, save labor and many other advantages have rapidly occupied the fruit and vegetable drying market. The fruit and vegetable dryer mainly uses air energy technology and adopts thermal drying and ventilation drying to dehydrate. It can not be constrained and affected by the weather and environment like the previous methods. It can very effectively improve the efficiency of work, ensure the hygiene and quality of materials, achieve drying of fruits and vegetables, off-season sales, etc., and control rotten fruits and vegetables, thus reducing the impact of farmers, Bring considerable economic benefits. This is a machine with low drying cost, retention of primary colors after drying, and retention of more nutrients.

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