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Grain dryer

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When the grain dryer works, the motor drives the impeller of the axial flow fan to rotate at a high speed, so that the hot air generated by the combustion of the coal furnace is sucked into the fan through the upper part of the air baffle, and forms a mixture with the cold air sucked into the fan from the lower part of the air baffle. It enters the stacking rack through the air escape pipe and diffuses (the role of the hot air reflection plate is to make the mixture more uniform). When the mixture passes through the grain layer on the stacking rack, the temperature of the millet is properly increased, While taking away a large amount of water vapor to gradually dry the millet. The temperature of the mixture can be adjusted by different opening angles of the temperature regulating cover and the temperature regulating plate. In order to dry the rice evenly, we often have to turn the rice with a shovel. The grain dryer is mainly used for drying rice and wheat, and can also be used for drying rapeseed and other crops after a little improvement. The grain dryer is composed of coal furnace, motor, axial flow fan, stacking rack and other main components.

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