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Grain drying insecticidal machine

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Grain drying insecticidal machine this machine is an ideal equipment for drying rice, wheat, corn, sorghum, beans, seeds and other grains, providing a reliable guarantee for grain particles to return to the warehouse. The main features of the equipment are: low temperature, large air volume, thin grain layer drying, good drying quality, and no impact on germination rate; The drying temperature and working time can be set and the working process can be automatically controlled; Small footprint, no need to add auxiliary equipment, simple operation, and fault alarm system; The heating time is short, the tempering time is long, the drying temperature is stable, the drying is uniform, and the heat consumption is low. Novel structure; It has the characteristics of convenient feeding and discharging, negative pressure heating, reasonable drying process, uniform drying, convenient operation and low cost. Its technical performance index is at the advanced level in China. It can solve the grain drying task of Large Grain Growers of 100 mu. This machine belongs to the vibrating fluidization and circulation grain dryer, with automatic feeding by air transportation, which effectively reduces the labor intensity of farmers drying grain, strengthens heat and mass transfer, has fast drying speed, high intensity, no dead angle, uniform drying, advanced combustion furnace design, complete combustion and high thermal efficiency.

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