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How does the corn dryer rust ?

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How does the corn dryer rust ?

As an important food crop, corn drying is a very important process. So the importance of household corn dryer is more and more obvious. The main parts of the household corn dryer that need to be cleaned during maintenance are : sludge, waste paint layer and metal corrosion. Next, I will introduce the chemical rust removal process of corn dryer.

Rust removal :

The rust removal of mechanical equipment is divided into mechanical rust removal and chemical rust removal. Mechanical rust removal is suitable for large-area, large-volume, simple-shaped parts and local rust or different metal components. Chemical derusting is suitable for small and medium-sized single metal parts.

Passivation :

If the surface after rust removal is not immediately treated or painted, passivation treatment should be carried out to prevent re-rusting.

Oil removal :

Oil removal is to remove the oil stain on the surface of the household corn dryer, so that the surface of the machine is changed from hydrophobic to hydrophilic, and the rust removal work is carried out smoothly.

Rust prevention and rust removal work is not only to maintain the beauty of the household corn dryer, but also to extend its service life, so that the household corn dryer to maintain a high degree of flexibility.

How does the corn dryer rust

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