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How to dry black pepper?

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How to dry black pepper?

A type of aromatic crop grown in the tropics is black pepper. It prefers a high humidity and temperature environment throughout the growth process. It is widely cultivated in several nations, including Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, and others. The entire plant can be plucked many times over the approximately 50-day plucking season. Black pepper was once used to season cuisine. However, because black pepper is a pickled crop and cannot be kept for a long time, they started drying it. When not dried, good black pepper is huge and plump. You will obtain superior air-dried black pepper if you use high-quality black pepper.

1.How can black pepper be dried at home?

Black pepper is more easily dried by air. First and foremost, premium black pepper should be chosen. After soaking the high-quality pepper fruit in boiling water for 5–6 minutes, the water should be drained and the pepper dried. The sun needs about five days to dry and become entirely transparent.

2.How do you dry black pepper on a large scale?

The dryer for drying black pepper has become extremely excellent; not only can it save money on labor expenses, but it can also save time and increase the output of black pepper. Consequently, it's crucial to use a dehydrator to make black pepper. Whether using a dehydrator to dry black pepper or drying it at home, Drying is a crucial phase in the production of pepper seasoning because the pepper fruit has a very tiny form and is easily contaminated by impurities or uneven drying, which causes moisture and mildew in the pepper. influencing the audibility. Black pepper is dried to have a moisture content between 40 and 60 percent; the moisture level after drying is kept to within 12%. Black pepper is dried using a heat pump dryer. However, the quicker the peppers drive, the higher the temperature. but to unify the drvina effectiveness of Peppe and the volatile oil features. 50–55 °C is a suitable range for low and medium temperatures. A batch may be cooked in around 10 hours, which is comparable to using the sun for 5 days. The difference between the two is that the pepper will be more thoroughly dried and have a longer guaranteed shelf life if it is dried more uniformly. Once the pepper is roasted, it is removed and stored in a vacuum.

Denydrator pepper is acceptable in an airtight space with a consistent flow of air. Warming of the platoon is wet processing, to remove the moisture within the pepper GuoTi discharge in time with the help of a temperature humidity chamber intelligent PLC control device. 50–65 degrees Celsius. Drvina was phased. When black pepper turns dark brown and is tarnished, the moisture level is kept within 12% and it is dried fully and uniformly.

3.Recommendation of a black pepper dehydrator or drying machine

Dehydration to a significant degree Machine for drying black pepper at a rate of 200–5000 kg/h; continuously automated; simple to use Continuously manufactured drying equipment includes black pepper dryers. Electric, steam, and hot air heating are the three primary heating methods. The network's content must be distributed equally according to its basic operating concept. The heated air takes the water vapor from the material as it is passed through the drier by the machine's operation to fulfill Dryina's intended function. 40 to 120 degrees Celsius are used for operation. And the dry cycle lasts between one and five hours.

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