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How to Install a Grain Dryer?

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How to Install a Grain Dryer?

Due to weather conditions, many places now use grain dryers for drying crops. This type of equipment has a drum-shaped design and uses a concurrent flow drying method, which is highly efficient and produces high-quality dried crops. When customers purchase the equipment, the manufacturer usually disassembles it for safe transportation and sends someone to install it on-site. Let's take a look at how to install a grain dryer.

Installation of Grain Dryer

The installation of the grain dryer does not require many parts as most of the main body is already assembled. The drum body is installed on a flat plate, and only the lifting device and mobile wheels need to be removed during transportation. After arriving at the installation site, these two devices need to be reinstalled. Once installed, it is important to check that everything is securely in place before starting the machine. Testing is also part of the installation process, starting with an empty run to check for any abnormalities in operation before gradually adding grain until reaching normal production levels.

During the installation process, personnel should also explain how to operate the grain dryer on-site and remind customers of common faults so that they can quickly learn how to use this type of machine.

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