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Maintenance skills of grain dryer

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Maintenance skills of grain dryer

1. Before overhaul, must remember to cut off the power supply of grain dryer, stop heating, at the same time to clean up the internal materials.

2. Prepare parts in advance, and to the size and quality of parts for routine inspection, in addition, to prepare oil discharge barrels, if there is oil pollution should be treated in time.

3. When preparing for maintenance work, you should first check whether the lifting appliances, lighting appliances, etc. meet the safety requirements. In addition, you should remember to put up safety warning signs in the maintenance area, the relevant technical personnel must wear the relevant labor protection supplies, security measures must be in place.

4. In the process of repairing the grain dryer, the drawings are very important, must take good care of the drawings and related information, to ensure complete without omission.

5. The tools in the maintenance toolbox should be ready in case of emergency can not be found, affecting the progress of the maintenance work.

6. If gas or electric welding is required during maintenance, it must be supervised.

7. If it is found that there are hidden troubles in the grain dryer, the corresponding solutions should be worked out.

8. The security measures must not be in place carelessly in the course of maintenance.

Many people think that if there is nothing wrong with the grain dryer, it does not need to be repaired. This idea is wrong. The repair work should not have to wait until there is something wrong with the grain dryer, but should be done regularly, as long as the maintenance work is done in place, the probability of failure of the grain dryer is very small, and the service life will also be extended. Conversely, if the maintenance work is not timely, or not in place, in order to ensure the long-term safe and stable operation of the grain drier, it is very likely that various problems will occur after a long period of operation and its service life will be affected, please make sure to do a good job of daily maintenance.

Maintenance skills of grain dryer

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