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Medical dryer

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Purpose and function of the medical dryer: it is a medical drying equipment, which can completely dry all kinds of endoscopes, humidifying bottles, scalpels, forceps, suction devices, catheters, dressing changing tubes, various plates, drums, pressure gauges and other instruments and articles in the hospital to meet the drying index. It is a necessary high-tech equipment in the operating room, supply room and emergency center of the hospital. It is applicable to hospital supply center, operating room, laboratory, stomatology and other articles that need to be dried. This completely solves the problem that the drying of the instruments in the tray is slow and incomplete due to the drying of catheters in the similar products. It is a necessary high-tech equipment in the operating room and supply room of the hospital. The fully independently developed control system adopts PD algorithm for high-precision temperature control, with accurate temperature control, stable performance and simple operation. The high-quality 304 stainless steel plate is selected, and the sheet metal is bent and spliced into shape. The overall gap is small and beautiful. It has a heat insulation interlayer, which can effectively prevent heat loss. The double circulation air duct design has two sets of blast heating systems, internal circulation and external circulation. The external circulation provides dry and hot clean air to the cabin and serves as a circulation channel for hot air in the chamber; The internal circulation heats the articles in the middle and lower parts of the cabin twice, effectively improving the drying effect of the middle and lower parts of the cabinet.

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