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Microwave vacuum drying equipment

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Microwave vacuum drying equipment


Microwave vacuum drying equipment combines vacuum technology and microwave energy technology to create a new type of microwave energy application. It has a number of advantages over conventional vacuum drying processes, including the ability to improve efficiency by a factor of 4 to 10 when compared to conventional methods. Microwave vacuum flash dryer equipment is a collection of electronics, vacuum science, multidisciplinary mechanics, thermodynamics, science, and other program-controlled high-tech products with a dry high yield, good quality, and low processing costs. During the drying process on the basis of physical change material, as well as internal and external heat and mass transfer of moisture migration process under vacuum-depth research, we developed a new technology, which we call the "microwave vacuum flash dryer." Many industrially produced commodities, including various medications, chemicals, foods, and nutritional supplements, cannot be dried under high temperature settings. Ginseng, velvet, and other high-end Chinese herbal medicines must be dried at temperatures below 100 °C or at room temperature in order to maintain product quality. Since drying lowers pressure, boiling points of water also lower. For example, at atmospheric pressure (101.3 kpa), water boils at 100 °C, while at 0.073 atm (7.37 kpa), water boils at 40 °C. Vacuum allows hot items to evaporate without heating the water they are made of. Since air convection heat transmission in a vacuum environment is challenging, heat generation is solely dependent on the material's thermal conductivity. The traditional vacuum drying method of heat transmission is sluggish, ineffective, and temperature control is challenging. Radiant heating, or microwave heating, is a direct result of the microwave with the material to be heated inside and outside at the same time; there is no need for heat to be transferred by convection or conduction, resulting in quick heating, efficient drying, and simpler temperature control.

Developed nations started developing industrial microwave vacuum drying equipment in the 1980s, and they saw positive results in real-world applications. The old technique of 65 °C, 24 Xiaoshi hot air drying is replaced with 50 °C, 5 Xiaoshi microwave vacuum drying, considerably improving product quality and yield. This is done by the French International Microwave vacuum drying equipment firm. Through years of work to complete industrialisation, I began research and development units in the domestic first microwave vacuum equipment in the late 1990s. Equipment for 10KW microwave vacuum drying was created in the second

The advantages of microwave vacuum drying equipment

1. Traditional vacuum drying equipment uses steam heating, which must be heated from the inside out and is slow and requires a lot of coal, whereas microwave vacuum drying equipment uses electromagnetic wave heating, which has no need for a heat transfer medium and heats the internal body directly. This increases heating speed, enabling 1 kilowatt of microwave energy to heat water to 100 °C in just 3-5 minutes at room temperature, avoiding the aforementioned drawbacks. And drying technology can increase efficiency by more than four times compared to conventional drying technology.

2. Because microwave heating is applied from the inside to the outside of the material as it is being heated, the temperature difference between the two is not as great as it would be with conventional heating, producing the puffing effect that is favorable to the ground and greatly enhancing the dried product quality.

3.The microwave power can be adjusted quickly and without inertia characteristics, making it easy to instantaneously control temperatures between 40 °C and 100 °C. China Building Material, which is in the top three, despises counterparts.

4. Modify the equipment, temperature, size, and ease of installation and maintenance

5.High-quality products: As compared to earlier processing techniques, quality of processed goods has significantly improved.

6.Microwave disinfection, sterilization efficacy, product safety and health. Long shelf life.

7.From the qualities listed above, it is clear that the economic and social advantages of energy conservation, energy, improved product quality, health and safety, equipment investment, and low cost elements are considerable.


The success of the creation of industrial vacuum microwave drying equipment filled in the gaps, considerably advancing national technology, particularly the growth of the pharmaceutical sector, which will have a significant effect. At the same time, a wider region has been opened up thanks to effectively developed microwave energy applications.

Successful product development, several significant technological advancements, the creation of theoretical underpinnings and design methodologies, as well as the accumulation of significant practical experience, have all paved the way for further technological advancement.

The actual use demonstrates that new technologies and items have great promotional value, major economic benefits, cutting-edge technology, and a suitable design.

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