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Microwave Vacuum Low-Temperature Drying Technology

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Microwave Vacuum Low-Temperature Drying Technology

Which Industry Are Microwave Sterilization Equipment Used In?

1. The food industry has many uses for microwave technology, and microwave technology has numerous applications in the food industry. Microwave equipment has the advantage of having a quick sterilizing time, which enables it to satisfy the needs of food production without compromising the nutritional components of food.

2. The chemical sector makes use of equipment for microwave sterilization of products. Materials that are powder, sludge, granular, or crystalline can all be dried and dehydrated without any problems. For instance, chemical raw materials, chemical minerals, fine chemicals, organic chemical raw materials, inorganic chemical raw materials, fertilizers, polymers, inorganic coatings and pigments, dyes and pigments, food and feed additives, catalysts and chemical additives, and adhesives. The development of new energy materials, rubber products, chemical reagents, and so on. When compared to traditional methods of heating, microwave drying offers a number of benefits, including zero power usage, homogeneous heating, rapid drying speed, elimination of thermal inertia, protection of the environment, ease of operation, and precise control over the drying process.

3. In the industries of bamboo and wood, all of these items serve as insecticidal equipment. The current invention has the benefits of having consistent heating, rapid sterilization, no deformation, high quality, and being easy to produce in a continuous manner using automation.

Rice Dryer

4. The secondary drying, insecticidal, and sterilization processes for traditional Chinese medicine are most successfully carried out by the microwave medicine sector. The majority of farmers utilize sulphur soaking and drying or sulphur burning and sealed baking to avoid mould and decay, both of which have the potential to rapidly lead to excessive amounts of sulphur residue. Microwave insecticidal equipment for traditional Chinese medicine may kill a variety of moulds and insect eggs in the medication at low temperatures. This allows for the maximum amount of the medicine's valuable medicinal ingredients to be preserved, as well as for the prevention of mould and insect infestation during storage.

5. In the industries of aquaculture and seafood processing, forced circulation ventilation using fans is utilized in insulated and sealed drying rooms to create areas of powerful convection and negative pressure. The temperature of the air in the insulation and drying room quickly switches between cold and hot as a result of the consistent operation of the refrigerator and the high-quality control system. Because the surface temperature of the object rises as a result of hot air circulation and convection, the phenomenon known as "sweating" takes place. This is because the water that is contained within the body is continuously lost. After that, it is swiftly blown away by the heat pump, which quickly eliminates the surface moisture and generates condensed water through cold discharge, which is expelled from the exterior of the reservoir. This process takes place on the outside of the reservoir.

What Will The Development Of The Microwave Drying Industry Be Like?

Spencer is credited with inventing the microwave in the United States. Therefore, the United States is home to some of the earliest and most widely utilized microwave devices. It is not hard to picture that authentic manufacturers of legitimate microwave equipment keep a close eye on the quality of the imported microwave equipment, which also means that the price is likely to be rather high. As soon as microwaves were introduced into our market, there was a flurry of imitations, particularly with regard to their physical look and their choice of building materials. These imitations covered a wide variety of features. It is expected that a relatively small percentage of persons can make effective use of them. What might possibly be the cause of this? In point of fact, the psychology of each individual is readily apparent. This is a breakthrough in the field of new energy, but that doesn't mean that, if this apparatus can be manufactured, it will unquestionably provide positive outcomes. Every sector and product must go through a certain amount of time and effort before being validated.

After being utilized for a number of decades, microwave technology has resulted in the development of a variety of devices and has found use in a number of different industries. Microwave vacuum equipment has a wide range of applications; some of these include drying and drying wood, drying food, drying and freeze-drying machines for the pharmaceutical business, drying siraitia, drying traditional Chinese medicine extracts, drying tea, drying machines for the chemical industry, etc. The equipment is capable of doing an excellent job, but there are only a handful of them available on the domestic market despite the fact that this is a relatively mature application.

Another year of financial instability is unavoidable as a direct consequence of excessively rapid social development and the proliferation of froth economies. Because of this, the microwave industry has been seeing a slow but steady decrease over the course of the previous two years, despite the influx of new competitors. It's possible that newcomers won't last long if they don't have a robust technology and consumer base.

The Characteristics Of Shanghai Lantai Microwave Vacuum Low-Temperature Drying Equipment:

1. Low temperature and high efficiency: It is well known that when the pressure decreases, the boiling point of water decreases. For example, at one atmospheric pressure (101.3 kPa), the boiling point of water is 100 ℃, while at 0.073 atmospheric pressure, the boiling point of water is 40 ℃. Under bearish conditions, heating an object can cause the internal moisture of the object to evaporate without temperature rise. Microwave vacuum drying of thermosensitive substances also has a much faster drying speed than conventional drying, with a ratio generally in the tens or even tens of thousands. Shanghai Microwave Factory

2. Uniform and thorough: The part with high moisture content absorbs more microwaves and generates more heat, while the opposite is true; At the same time, the product is heated internally and externally as a whole, without thermal inertia or heat transfer loss, and has a fast drying speed. Microwave directly penetrates the product, igniting water molecules and generating heat. The internal temperature is slightly higher than the external temperature, which can avoid the disadvantage of temperature gradient and slow evaporation of water.

3. Simple control: Due to the fast adjustment of microwave power and inertia-free characteristics, combined with the PLC automatic control system for timely control, it is easy to adjust and determine process parameters.

4. Improving quality: Drying in a low-temperature and oxygen free environment can better ensure product quality.

5. Maintain the original color: Due to the short drying time of microwave, it solves the problem of traditional drying time being long and high humidity leading to product color change. Especially for precious medicinal herbs (cordyceps, ginseng), traditional Chinese medicine extracts (extracts), seafood products (sea cucumbers), it is an ideal drying method. 

Food Low Temperature Dryer

6. Energy conservation and environmental protection: Compared with conventional electric heating drying methods, microwave drying can generally save 50% of electricity. The equipment uses microwave radiation energy transfer, which heats the medium as a whole without the need for other heat transfer media, avoiding the disadvantage of slow heat conduction under vacuum conditions. So the speed is fast, the efficiency is high, the drying cycle is greatly shortened, and the energy consumption is reduced. There is no noise, no toxic gas emissions, no toxic liquid emissions, and it is an environmentally friendly drying technology.

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