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Molecular sieve dryer machine

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In brief, we call the chemically synthesized substances with network structure molecular sieves. Molecular sieve is a kind of crystalline aluminosilicate. There are regular and uniform pores in its crystal structure. The pore size is the order of molecular size. It only allows molecules with a smaller diameter than the pore size to enter, so it can screen the molecules in the mixture according to their size. So it is called molecular sieve. Molecular sieves are commonly referred to as zeolites or zeolites. Our common 3A zeolite and 4A zeolite are one kind of molecular sieve materials. Molecular sieves can be simply divided into two categories: Natural Zeolites and synthetic zeolites. The classification is based on the form of its generation. The former is naturally generated by volcanic tuff in a specific environment, while the latter is synthetic.

Filter material & molecular sieve microwave dryer

There are three common production processes of synthetic zeolite: hydrothermal synthesis, hydrothermal conversion and ion exchange. All three production methods require drying process. In the molecular sieve drying process, there are also great differences in the selection of molecular sieve dryers according to the different production processes.

The filter material molecular sieve dryer is generally used in the pre-treatment process. Before the molecular sieve drying process, the molecular sieve is in slurry form (water content is about 30%). 

The whole molecular sieve drying process:

The microwave dryer for molecular screening, a filter material, avoids the problems of low drying rate and high energy consumption of conventional (such as hot-air drying), and sometimes the product quality is damaged in conventional drying. Advantages of microwave drying molecular sieve: fast drying speed, good product quality, good drying uniformity and low energy consumption; It is an efficient and environmentally friendly drying equipment without generating other pollution sources.

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